Telkom Indonesia


Operator of TIME (Telecommunication, Information, Multimedia and Edutaintment)

TIME business in this company has performed telecommunication operation in the form of telephone (fixed wireline, fixed wireless and cellular), data and internet, network service and interconnection, and content/application. The business is run centrally through the main company and its group members. As of December 31, 2009, number of subcribers has grown at 21.2% or a total of 105.1 million compared to the previous year. For telephone only, TELKOM serves 8.4 million of fixed wireline subscribers, 15.1 million of fixed wireless subscribers, and 81.6 million of cellular phone subscribers.

As of December 31, 2009, TELKOM common share is owned by the Indonesian Government (52.4%) and the rest is owned by public shareholders (47.53%). TELKOM share is traded at Indonesia Stock Exchange(“BEI”), New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”), London Stock Exchange (“LSE”) and Tokyo Stock Exchange (without registered). Price of TELKOM share at BEI at end of December 2009 is Rp 9,450 with market capitalization value of TELKOM share at end of year 2009 reaching Rp 190.51 trillion or 9.43% of BEI market capitalization. Corporate strategic goal is to improve infrastructure, expand NGN (Next Generation Network) technology and make synergy at all TELKOMGroup line, so that the subscribers, both retail and corporation, can enjoy quality, speed, reliability and customer service much better.

On the same date, both main and group members, have been consolidated in TELKOM financial statement of the book year 2009. The nine members are PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (“TII”, formerly PT Ariawest International “AWI”, 100% owned by TELKOM), PT Dayamitra Telekomunikasi (“Mitratel”, 100% owned by TELKOM), PT Pramindo Ikat Nusantara (“Pramindo”, 100% owned by TELKOM), PT Telekomunikasi Seluler (“TELKOMsel”, 65% owned by TELKOM), PT Multimedia Nusantara (“Metra”, 100% owned by TELKOM), PT Infomedia Nusantara (“Infomedia”, 100% owned by TELKOM, through 49% ownership by Metra), PT Indonusa Telemedia (“Indonusa”, 100% owned by TELKOM, through 1.25% ownership by Metra), PT Graha Sarana Duta (“GSD”, 99.99% owned by TELKOM), and PT Napsindo Primatel International (“Napsindo”, 60% owned by TELKOM). To more focus on business, Metra has also owned other members such as Sigma and Finnet (company portfolio can be seen below).