Travel : Pontianak – West Borneo


West Kalimantan is one of Indonesia Province, which has cope building in reach the aspiration for the shake of prosperity of it public. This region unfold northerly straight to south along the length of more than 600 km and about 850 km from west easterly, broadly regional 146807 km (7,53 percentage of Indonesia wide or 1,13 wide Java island) and become the fourth widest Province after Irian, East Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan.

West Kalimantan area is as one of area, which common called as “A Thousand Rivers” province. This nickname is suitable with its geographical condition, which has hundreds great and small rivers and is often navigated. Some great rivers till now, is still be a main line for hinterland transportation, although land road infrastructure have been able to reach most of district, although partly small of West Kalimanta regions are water territory went out to sea, however West Kalimanatan has tens of big and small island (partly not dweller), which spread over along the length of Karimata Strait and Natuna Sea that is abutting on Riau Province region, Sumatera.

West Kalimantan Resident embraces various religions, like Islam, Catholic, Protestant, Buddha, Hindu and believe follower to the one supreme God. Most of West Kalimantan resident works in agricultural sector, plantation, fishery and commerce.

West Kalimantan Province is formed based on the constitution Number 25 in 1956 determined that West Kalimantan region as autonomous area province with its capital in Pontianak and because the constitution applied since 1 Januaries 1957, hence the West Kalimantan Province anniversary is commemorated on that date.

  1. Melanggar Waterfall
    This Waterfall that has 50 m highest and 75 m widest is the breaking of Landak River. Located in Sungai Besar District about 230 km from Pontianak City or 197 km from Mempawah city. To reach this location can be applied by four-wheel vehicle until Serimbu village, hereinafter with water motor till 2 hours.
  2. Remabo Waterfall
    The waterfall that has seven levels is resided in Air Besar district, which can be gone through with of four-wheel vehicle. Between levels 1 with other can be gone through by walking during 15-30 minutes.
  3. Long house
    It is also called Betang House, 310 m length and 18 m wide, now is dwelt about 34 family heads, which still have family relation. Located in Saham village, Sengah Temila district it is not far from International road Pontianak – Kuching. Be the only omission of the Dayak Kanayatn long house in Pontianak regency.
  4. Juang Mandor Grave
    It is said that in this grave location had murdered 21037 best Indonesian in West Kalimantan; the kings, intellectual, elite figure or magnate. Here there are 10 mass graves and one-massacre locations in esplanade. Located about 88 km from Pontianak city, in the side of International road Pontianak – Kuching.
  5. Amantubillah Palace
    This omission building history of Mempawah empire is ever have combustible, and built again in 1922 by Mohammad Taufik Akamaddin. Here is filed the patrimony objects like small cannon and ‘keris’ patrimony.
  6. Opu Daeng Manambon Grave
    The founder of Mempawah Empire Grave is located to hill, Suap village, Mempawah Hilir district. There is also Habib Husein Grave (the first Islam spreader in Mempawah), which located in Sejegi village, Mempawah Hilir district.
  7. Kijing Beach
    This beach is sloping beach, in km 84 Sungai Kunyit villages, Sungai Kunyit district.
  8. Temajo Island
    This Island that faced to Natuna Sea have beautiful nature scenery and clear seawater, hardly suited for athletics dive. Its situation is nearby with Kijing beach, about 1 hour with water motor from Sungai Kunyit village.
  9. Naik Dango Custom Ceremony
    It is the custom public Dayak Kanayatn presentation of thanks feel to Sang Jubata (God) for the paddy crop successful. It is done every 27 Aprils every year with location by rotation in 10 hinterland Districts tribe resident, which majority by Dayak Kanayatn. This ceremony is started with ‘ Arakan Panompo ‘ from each district courier, caught up dance ‘Candle Paddy’ by Dayak Kanayatn girls, and its top moment is pray read ritual by one of the Leader in Pontianak regency. West Kalimantan regency functionaries, Pontianak District functionaries and the invitations always attend this ceremony.